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MARYAH Yacht – Outstanding $250M Superyacht

MARYAH yacht is a 125-meter superyacht capable of accommodating 54 guests and a crew of 60.

This $250M Superyacht has a beam of 17 meters and a draft of 5.6 meters and was just recently refitted in 2021. She was designed by H2 Yacht Design and reaches speeds up to 18 knots.

Length:125 meters
Builder:Elefsis Shipyard
Designer:H2 Yacht Design
Interior Designer:H2 Yacht Design
Speed:18 knots
Volume:5,650 ton
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MARYAH yacht interior

MARYAH was interiorly designed by H2 Yacht Design, a company founded back in 1994 by director Jonny Horsfield.

They have a lot of experience and have been involved in several notable projects, such as the Graceful yacht and Talisman C.

Inside the MARYAH Yacht, guests are subject to a beauty salon, a dance floor, a beach club, a full gym, workout types of equipment, an elevator, and underwater lights. The craft also has Wifi and complete air conditioning.

Little is known to the public about the cabin specifications aboard the MARYAH Yacht, but it is known that she can accommodate up to 54 guests and qualified crew members combined.

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MARYAH Yacht specifications

MARYAH is powered by 5 Diesel-Electric Caterpillar engines capable of outputting 2146 HP.

These powerful engines propel her Twin Azipods, which enable her to cruise at speeds of 15 knots and can even go up to a top speed of 18 knots.

She can carry a water capacity of 216,000 liters and a fuel capacity of 533,000 liters.

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MARYAH Yacht exterior design

H2 Yacht Design was also responsible for designing the exterior of MARYAH. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they always cater to their client’s needs and requirements.

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