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PLVS VLTRA Yacht – Seafaring $110M Superyacht

PLVS VLTRA yacht is a 73.5-meter superyacht capable of hosting up to 12 guests in her six cabins and can also fit up to 19 qualified onboard crew members.

She was built back and completed in 2016 by Amels and was designed by Winch Design. She weighs 1,725 gross tons and can cruise at speeds of 12 knots and go to a top speed of 16 knots.

Name:Plvs Vltra
Length:74m (243ft)
Designer:Tim Heywood
Interior Designer:Winch Design
Speed:17 knots
Volume:1790 tons
Price:US$ 110 million
Annual Running:US$ 11 million

PLVS VLTRA Yacht interior

PLVS VLTRA yacht’s interior was designed by Winch Design, a multi-award-winning design studio established by Andrew Winch and his wife back in 1986.

They pride themselves on their high-quality dynamic designs. They have tons of experience not only in yacht designs but also in Aviation and Architecture.

They were the ones responsible Boutique Hotel Seychelles building and the Bizjets plane. They also have tons of involvements in yachts, such as the AMELS, a 60-meter vessel recently delivered this 2022.

She weighs 830 gross tons, can host up to 12 guests, and can also fit 13 qualified crew members.

Another is the AURORA BOREALIS yacht, a 67.1-meter yacht built and completed in 2019. She weighs 1574 tons and can cruise at speeds of 13 knots and go to a top speed of 17 knots. She can also accommodate up to 12 guests in her six spacious cabins.

Aboard the PLVS VLTRA, guests can spend their time in the yacht’s amenities such as her steam room, sauna room, spa room, beauty salon, beach club, a total gym, along with exercise types of equipment.

She also has complete air conditioning and also has wifi access. Hosting guests are also not a problem.

She has six cabins with specifications of 1 Master, 2 VIPs, 2 Doubles, and 1 Twin capable of welcoming 12 guests and attending to by 19 qualified crew members.


PLVS VLTRA yacht spans 241.2 feet or 73.5 meters, has a beam of 40.2 feet or 12.25 meters, and a draft of 12.8 feet or 3.85 meters. She was custom-built in 2016 by Amels and was designed exteriorly by Tim Heywood Design.

She weighs approximately 1,725 tons and is powered by diesel-type Caterpillar engines capable of outputting 5438 hp, which enable her to cruise at 12 knots and can go to a maximum speed of 16 knots.

PLVS VLTRA yacht can also store 155,000 liters of fuel, allowing her to travel over 5,000 nautical miles.

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