SHERAKHAN Yacht – Jan Verkerk’s Amazing Superyacht

sherakhan yacht drone shot
Length:69.65 metres
Builder:Vuyk En Zonen
Designer:Rijntjes Interior Design
Exterior Designer:KMC & KHMB Enkhuizen
Speed:13 knots
Volume:1,945 ton

Sherakhan Yacht

Once known as the Lady Margaret, the Sherakhan was later rebuilt and renamed in 2005, and was made into the luxury vessel we see today. Functioning as a charter vessel for the past 10 years, she is well suited for guests and a wonderful charter experience.


Designed by Rijntjes Interior Design, the Sherakhan yacht is a luxurious vessel suitable for charter. Inside she has a spa and a beauty salon, as well as a gym. A big master suite features its own study, and there’s plenty of rooms for guests to explore. Perfectly suited for relaxation, she has a sauna that guests can use after a day at the spa, or after enjoying the jacuzzi on board.

There’s plenty of space for guests in the 13 suits available. The Sherkhan yacht is considered to be perfect for conferences or for other special occasions. The philosophy is to not let excess furniture take away from the beauty of the yacht itself. The interior is mostly white, with a modern look. Guests can enjoy a sleek, contemporary design that brings out the small details in every room.

Sherakhan Owner

The owner of the Sherakhan yacht is dutch millionaire Jan Verkerk. He founded the Unlimited Yacht Charter, and in addition to the Sherakhan yacht, he also owns another vessel called Legend. The decision behind the name Sherakhan came from Vererk’s daughter, who was watching The Jungle Book movie around the clock at the time.

Having designed several yachts himself, among them a 76 metre (250 ft) explorer, he now does ocean research.


The Sherakhan yacht is 69,65 metres (228,6 ft) long, with a beam of 12 metres (39,4 ft), and a draft of 4,5 metres (14,9 ft). She has a maximum speed of 12 knots, and a cruising speed of 10 knots. Thanks to her full-displacement hull, the Sherakhan yacht is very stable while at anchor. She is powered by one Caterpillar engine. She can hold up to 22 guests and up to 19 crew.


The elegant exterior of the Sherakhan yacht was designed by Verkerk Yachting Projects. Her white, sleek design cuts through the water with finesse, and if you were to find yourself on board, there are a plethora of water toys to entertain you. Waterslides along the side of the vessel, Jet skis, kayaks, and wakeboards are just some of the things there is to choose from.

Her exterior spaces are very large, and there’s a look-out house where you can enjoy the view. The overwhelmingly white exterior was a conscious choice from the owner, who wanted people to be able to see every detail of the vessel, and not have the nuances be lost due to darker colours.

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