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ARCADIA Yachts – Operating Since 2008

Like many great shipbuilding companies, Arcadia Yachts is based in Torre Annunziata, Naples, Italy.

The shipbuilding company is dedicated to deleting innovative yachts with a design approach that uniquely incorporates ethics and environmentalism into building their line of semi-custom composite yachts.

Yacht Builder:Arcadia
Founder:Ugo Pellegrino and Francesco Guida
Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Naples, Italy
CEO: Ugo Pellegrino
Turnover: $27 million

ARCADIA yachts history

The word Arcadia is used in classical literature and mythology to mean an idyllic land where people lived in perfect harmony with Nature.

In 2008, yachting industry executives founded Arcadia Yachts to follow an “Ecological Dream” in the yachting industry.

The group includes the president and owner, Ugo Pellegrino, and chief engineer and designer Francesco Guida. Arcadia’s vessels are designed to embody the rich cultural history of Italy, including luxury, style, beauty, and appreciation for the art, history, and culture of the renaissance.

This design brief has been used to create a line of yachts that incorporate all these elements into high-end yachts, focusing on ecological harmony. 

In 2009, Arcadia launched its first vessel, the 25.9-meter Arcadia 85 SOLAR (which is now called GOOD LIFE). The vessel was the embodiment of their philosophy. The ship featured an exterior design from Francesco Guida.

The vessel also has numerous solar panels to air recharging the yacht’s house batteries. The yacht also has a hybrid diesel/electric power and can run on an electric propulsion system that offers total silence up to 8 knots.

Arcadia 85 was presented at the Boot Düsseldorf 2010 show. Since then, Arcadia models have continued to embody a unique perspective in the yachting industry.

Arcadia models appeal to a wide international market of buyers and owners. Guida said in an interview, “I love the sea, and of course yacht owners love the sea, and whoever loves the sea doesn’t want to destroy it.”

Arcadia designs boats that prioritize comfort and environmentalism over speed from this notion. The yacht models from Arcadia show futuristic exteriors and expansive windows for owners to make the most of the calm and views while on the water. 

ARCADIA notable works

The Arcadia 85 was groundbreaking for the shipyard, and they went on the create another notable work in the yachting industry: the Arcadia 115. The first of this model to be launched was named the M’OCEAN, a 35m yacht released in 2012. 

The yacht has a blend of a futuristic exterior by Guida, which blends solar panels into her top side seamlessly. The interior of M’OCEAN is elegant and contemporary.

Arcadia has continued to innovate and showed off its SHERPA XL model in 2020, which took the values of the company and the artistry of excellent craftsmanship in the yachting world to a new level.

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