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B3 Yacht – Incredible $15 M Superyacht

In the realm of maritime excellence, the B3 yacht stands as a beacon of innovation and luxury.

Originally designed as a yacht support vessel (YSV), it has redefined the concept of onboard capabilities and service offerings.

Crafted by Damen in 2019, this vessel serves as a testament to the fusion of engineering prowess and opulent design.

We embark on a captivating voyage through the realms of the B3 yacht, delving into its captivating interior and exterior, the price that resonates with its grandeur, and the specifications that define its exceptional performance.

Length:57m (187ft)
Designer:Damen Yachting
Interior Designer:
Damen Yachting
Volume:489 tons
Price:US $15 million
Annual Running Cost:US $1.5 million

Yacht Interior

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Stepping aboard the B3 yacht is an immersion into a world where elegance and comfort coalesce.

The interior, designed by Damen Yachting, is a masterpiece of opulent design, accommodating up to six guests in a space that exudes sophistication.

With meticulous attention to detail, the living spaces offer a haven of relaxation and luxury, creating an environment that rivals the finest residences.


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Originally conceived as a yacht support vessel, the exterior of the B3 yacht is a testament to versatility and functionality.

Crafted by Damen, the vessel is designed to seamlessly cater to the needs of superyachts and luxury vessels.

Its sleek lines and thoughtful layout not only enhance its aesthetic allure but also serve as a canvas for advanced engineering that ensures unparalleled performance on the open waters.


The B3 yacht is meticulously designed to accommodate 6 guests, offering them an unparalleled experience on the open waters.

The luxurious cabins and suites provide a retreat of comfort and indulgence, enhanced by the attentive service of a dedicated crew of 20.

Each moment on board is characterized by seamless attention to detail, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

Yacht Specifications

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Under the surface, Meamina is powered by MTU engines, renowned for their reliability and performance.

With a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots, the yacht effortlessly navigates the open waters.

Its range of over 3000 nautical miles ensures that distant horizons are well within reach, making it a vessel designed for both speed and endurance.

Yacht Price

Powered by Caterpillar engines, the B3 yacht achieves a maximum speed of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 18 knots.

Its range exceeding 3000 nautical miles sets the stage for boundless exploration, allowing the vessel to navigate distant horizons with ease and grace.

The culmination of advanced technology and engineering ensures that the B3 yacht is not only luxurious but also a powerhouse of performance.

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B3 Yacht Summary

In summary, the B3 yacht is more than a vessel; it’s a revelation of innovation, luxury, and versatility.

From its stunning interiors to its remarkable exterior design, every facet of the B3 yacht reflects the dedication to crafting a vessel that transcends expectations.

The spacious accommodations for 6 guests provide a haven of relaxation, while the attentive crew of 20 ensures that every desire is met with impeccable service.

As it navigates the open waters, it serves as a reminder of the limitless possibilities of maritime exploration, a vessel that marries opulence with functionality in a harmonious symphony of excellence.

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