BLACK PEARL Yacht – World’s Largest Sailing Yacht Superyacht

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Name:Black Pearl
Length:106 m (348 ft)
Designer:Nuvolari Lenard
Ken Freivokh
Interior Designer:Novolari Lenardi
Speed:30 Knots
Volume:2,864 ton
Price:US $200 million
Annual Running Cost:US $15-20 million
Owner:Oleg Burlakov

Black Pearl Yacht

Cruising across the water with her black exterior, the Black Pearl yacht certainly lives up to her name. Taking the title as the second largest sailing yacht in the world, she is a sight to be seen.


The Black Pearl yacht has a spacious interior, almost like a large motor-yacht. She has a glass elevator, a spa pool, and a hot tub for the people on board to enjoy. There is also a beach club cinema. Designed by Nuvolari Lenard, in collaboration with architect Gerard Villate, the interior is not very well known. No pictures of the interior have ever been released. We do know that the interior design was a tribute to the design of  Louis XVI, with ornate wooden details and gold accents. There are also some influences from the Art Deco era. We also know that there is a grand dining room, set up to host up to 16 dinner guests.

Black Pearl Owner

The Black Pearl yacht’s late owner, Oleg Burlakov, passed away in 2021, aged 72. Following his passing, the Black Pearl’s builder, Oceanco, described him as a visionary. One of the richest businessmen in Russia, Burklakov was involved in the oil industry, as well as the finance-service sector. It is said that by selling his oil company, Burlakov funded the build of the Black Pearl yacht.


The Black Pearl yacht has an overall length of 106,7 metres (35 ft). The beam is 15 metres (49,3 ft) and a top speed of 15 knots. Cruising speed is 12 knots. Her sails can be raised in just seven seconds with the push of a button, and she can cross the Atlantic using under a litre of fossil fuel. She is economical in other aspects too. Regenerative power under sail for example. The late owner wanted to make less of an impact on the environment, and set up several environmentally friendly solutions.

The Black Pearl yacht has room for up to twelve guests in her six staterooms.

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The Black Pearl yacht’s exterior was designed by Nuvolari Lenard, same as the interior. In collaboration with Ken Freivokh Design, they created her distinct look. The black colour covers most of her exterior, and her sails have a mechanism that allows them to be folded, in order to pass through the Panama canal. She also possesses the largest DynaRig in the world. In fact, she has three of them.

There is some mystery regarding the different features of her exterior, same as for the interior, but thanks to aerial photographs there is known to be a hot tub aft on one of the three decks, and a pool aft on the main deck.

Video courtesy of Gibraltar Yachting.

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