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JUICE Yacht – Stylish $140 M Superyacht

Stretching a magnificent 71 metres (233 feet) in length, the JUICE Yacht is an exceptional maritime masterpiece owned by art collector Laurence Graff.

Launched to the world in 2022 by the highly esteemed shipyard Feadship, JUICE is a testament to the pinnacle of luxury yacht design.

The intricate design, crafted by the award-winning team at RWD, echoes the style of the yacht ‘Faith,’ although any direct connection remains purely speculative.

JUICE Yacht is not just a vessel, but a statement of opulence on water, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and boasting luxurious design elements that truly set her apart.

Yacht Name:Juice
Length:71m (233 ft)
Guests:12 guests
Crew:25 crew
Interior Designer:Peter Marino
Speed:16 knots
Volume:1,550 ton
Price:$140 Million
Annual Running Cost:$10-15 million

JUICE Yacht Interior

Designed to make every voyage unforgettable, JUICE Yacht’s interior combines comfort and luxury for up to 12 guests. Six lavishly appointed cabins, each a sanctuary of peace and relaxation, ensure a stay beyond expectations.

A dedicated and highly experienced crew of 25 is on hand around the clock, guaranteeing every need is catered to with finesse and attention to detail.

Juice Yacht
Photo courtesy of Portofino Yachting

Every corner of JUICE radiates luxury, but the lightweight carbon composite sundeck truly sets her apart. This feature adds a new dimension to the concept of relaxation and leisure at sea.

Designed not just for elegance but also for performance, this sophisticated space keeps the yacht’s center of gravity low, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience.

Performance and Features

JUICE Yacht’s prowess at sea is driven by two powerful MTU diesel engines. This duet of marine power gives her an impressive top speed of 16 knots and provides a comfortable cruising speed of 12 knots.

With an impressive range exceeding 4,500 nautical miles, JUICE is the perfect choice for long, leisurely voyages across the globe’s oceans, promising both adventure and luxury in equal measure.

Juice yacht
Photo courtesy of Portofino Yachting

JUICE Yacht Exterior

While precise details about the JUICE Yacht’s exterior and specifications are limited, it’s clear that she embodies luxury, style, and advanced technology. Her impressive 71 metres (233 feet) length and Feadship’s unmistakable quality craftsmanship reflect the stellar efforts and passion that went into her creation.

JUICE Yacht Price

JUICE Yacht is a testament to luxury, sophistication, and cutting-edge maritime technology, reflected in her staggering value of $140 million. Annual running costs of around $14 million underscore the level of luxury and advanced materials and technologies integrated into her design.

Every aspect of JUICE – from her cutting-edge technology to her luxurious amenities – contributes to her extraordinary price tag.

JUICE Yacht Summary

In the realm of superyachts, the JUICE Yacht stands tall as a remarkable testament to luxury and cutting-edge technology. Her blend of advanced design and craftsmanship, coupled with unrivaled power and speed, position her as a leading icon in the yachting world. Owned by esteemed art collector Laurence Graff, JUICE serves as an artistic statement on water, seamlessly marrying luxury and creativity.

With a value of $140 million, this superyacht reflects the pinnacle of maritime indulgence and sophisticated lifestyle. Whether voyaging across oceans or anchored in a glamorous marina, the JUICE Yacht is undeniably a floating paradise, offering a unique experience for those fortunate enough to step on board.

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