arrow460 granturismo yacht

Mercedes Benz ARROW460 Granturismo – Luxury Yacht

This luxury yacht design by Mercedes brings a new look and feel to the motor yachting world.

Launched in 2016 the Arrow460 can accommodate up to 10 people and at the time of release, it premiered for a price of approximately $1.7 million.

The large side windows are retractable which provides maximum comfort for the passengers in the interior while maximizing the all-around view and feeling.

Length:14 meters
Speed: 26 Knots
Shipyard:Silver Arrows Marine


The interior of this luxurious yacht has been designed to be both elegant and spacious. Comfortably offering room for up to 10 people this vessel is ideal for day trips as well as long weekend adventures.

The windscreen has the ability to be raised and the large windows along the sides are retractable allowing guests to enjoy the ocean breeze.


The sleek external design is aesthetically pleasing while also optimizing performance. The streamlined shape gives her the ability to reach speeds up to 27 knots.

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