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VANQUISH 48 – 14.95M Luxury Yacht

The VANQUISH 48 yacht is a superiorly crafted sports boat from Vanquish Yachts, an innovative Dutch shipyard.

The model was designed in St Tropez, with a collaborative design from Guido de Groot Design, Studio Delta, Wester Naval Architecture, and Vanquish Yachts.

The open sports boat is an impressive model from the Dutch shipyard that is designed to be sailed around the waters of Saint Tropez.

Name:Vanquish 48
Shipyard:Vanquish Yachts
Max Speed:40+ knots

VANQUISH 48 yacht interior

The interior design of the VANQUISH 48 is minimalistic with white decor and natural colors that feature straightforward seats and a simple head compartment. The model’s interior design was penned by Guido de Groot Design.

While the speed boat is not specifically designed for overnight stays on the water, the minimalistic interior can accommodate 1 or 2 overnight guests.

When cruising around beautiful waters, there is space for 19 passengers on board the impressive vessel.

The 6ft cabin is spartan, with a basic galley featuring a small sink and microwave, drawers, and a few lockers.

Interior seating includes a small, irregularly shaped berth forward that can be used for sleeping two people. There is a bathroom with a shower that is roomy yet practical.

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The exterior of VANQUISH VQ48 is a truly impressive picture on the water. The naval architecture was penned by Studio Delta and Wester Naval Architecture and built by Vanquish Yachts.

The minimalistic interior is reflected on the exterior but makes the vessel all that more appealing.

She has a generous amount of seating on the bow that includes built-in sun loungers for guests to soak up the Saint Tropez sunshine.

She has a wider-than-average beam that affords room for the boat to have a walk-around feature.

One of the best features of the vessel, apart from the generous seating areas, is the design of the cockpit. Aft is another seating area for dining and more sun loungers.

The boat is built for a significant amount of speed, and the cockpit stands apart from other similar sports boats with a secure, deep, and safe design.

The windscreen is tall, covering the wheel, which makes guests and captains alike feel safe and secure on the vessel.

The vessel is made entirely from aluminum, with a classic overall feel, featuring an underwater hull and stylish lines.

The underwater hull means that guests stay in comfort and are relatively dry even in the roughest of waters.

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The VANQUISH VQ48 is all about cutting through the water. The boat has several customizable options that potential owners can choose based on their tastes.

With Twin Cummins Zeus engines, she reaches top speeds of 40 knots. The VANQUISH VQ48 model has a length of 14.95m, a 4.5m beam, and a 0.85m draft. She has a displacement of 11 gross tons.


Tom Steentjes is the owner of Vanquish yachts. He sold a very successful industrial equipment company to launch himself into the boatbuilding business.

The company has developed several high-end models that feature aluminum and space-age-like features.

These welding preferences could stem from the owner’s history as a trained welder, bringing in the design elements that make the vessels appear so cutting edge.

The company has moved on to other designs, offering more recent vessel models that feature all the best aspects of the VANQUISH VQ48 and more.

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