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ROYAL CLIPPER Yacht – 134.8m Luxurious Sailing Yacht

The ROYAL CLIPPER yacht is the largest sailing yacht globally, with a Guinness World Record to prove it.

She is owned and operated by Star Clipper as a cruising vessel that offers adventure and the sailing experience for its guests.

She was completed in 2000 by shipyard Merwede and features a striking exterior with her 42 sails and white and blue hull.

Name:Royal Clipper
Interior Designer:Rainer Maria Latzke
Speed:18 knots
Volume:5000 tons
Owner:Star Clipper
royal clipper yacht

ROYAL CLIPPER yacht interior

The ROYAL CLIPPER yacht features the most luxurious interiors and can accommodate 227 guests in the epitome of style.

She can also accommodate 106 crew members. The ship features a Mediterranean-inspired interior and murals by Rainer Maria Latzke.

The expansive 19000 square foot open deck features three swimming pools for the perfect adventure at sea under the 42 billowing sails of the tall ship, which are 54000 square feet.

While the ship may be a throwback to another era, the ROYAL CLIPPER boasts many fine features.

There is a Piano Bar onboard for guests to enjoy pre-dinner drinks and a Tropical Bar where guests can sip a cocktail.

The restaurant onboard has a three-deck atrium that funnels sunlight into the elegant tri-level dining area, featuring an open seating plan.

The Captain Nemo Lounge is one of a kind area, and the spa and health club on board can offer pampering and a place to look through the underwater glass portholes.

Passengers can even climb to one of the crow’s nests 75 feet above the water and enjoy the view on a comfortable settee.

The bowsprit net is suspended above the ocean, where guests can sit and enjoy the views or be on the lookout for dolphins.

The marina platform offers the perfect ocean access to water sports activities that the ROYAL CLIPPER offers.


The exterior of the ROYAL CLIPPER yacht was styled after the legendary tall ship Preussen.

She is a fully-rigged tall ship, the world’s largest operating sailing ship, with the Guinness World Record certificate to prove it.

She was built with a steel hull and five masts. ROYAL CLIPPER was originally built by Polish communist authorities as a floating vacation home for miners and was named Gwarek.

She was sold because of financial reasons. Merwede shipyard completed the build in July 2000.

Later, Robert McFarlane of McFarlane ShipDesign redesigned her for Star Clippers, a Swedish cruise company.


The ROYAL CLIPPER yacht is a 134.8m sailing yacht with a 16.5m beam and a 5.6m draft. Thanks to powered controls, she has 42 sails and five masts and can be operated by as few as 20 crew members.

The masts have a top height of 177 feet. She has a displacement of 5000 gross tons. The vessel also features clean energy by using very high-quality low-sulfur gas oil.

The fully functioning rigged sailing yacht can reach speeds of 7 to 18 knots with the help of two caterpillar engines. She has a DVV GL 1A1 Classification.

ROYAL CLIPPER yacht owner

The owner of ROYAL CLIPPER is owned by the Swedish cruise company Star Clipper.

The company offers cruising experiences on its fleet of operating rigged sailing yachts that are perfect for guests who love the idea of a true sailing experience.

While few activities are on board, there is every opportunity to experience an adventure at sea in the sailing yacht.

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