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Measuring in at an impressive length of 126.2 meters OCTOPUS yacht is the 21st largest yacht in the world. With an estimated worth of $285 million her owner is currently unknown.

This stunning vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 26 guests while having a crew of 57 on hand to cater to their needs. Powered by Mercedes Diesel engines she can reach speeds up to 20 knots.

Length:126 metres
Designer:Espen Oeino
Interior Designer:Jonathan Quinn Barnett
Speed:20 knots
Engines:Mercedes Diesel
Volume:9,932 ton
Price:US $285 million
Annual Running Cost:US $20 – 35 million
Owner:(ex) Paul Allen

OCTOPUS yacht interior

OCTOPUS yacht offers space for up to 26 guests in 13 cabins, including a spacious owner’s cabin and deck. A well-trained crew of up to 63 crew members provides 5-star service onboard this luxury vessel.

OCTOPUS has several bars distributed across the different decks, a fully equipped spa, a cinema, a gym, a library and even a basketball court. The interior was designed by Jonathan Quinn Barnett, a well-known superyacht designer from Seattle, Washington.


With a length of 126.20 meters (414 ft) and a beam of 21 meters (68 ft), the OCTOPUS yacht weighs in at an impressive 9,900 gross tons. She is powered by 8 MTU engines producing a total of 19,200 hp (14,300 kW).

Her maximum speed lies at 19 knots, while her relatively slow cruising speed of 12 knots allows her to have a range of 12,500 nautical miles. OCTOPUS is also equipped with the latest anchor and steering technology, which helps to manoeuvre the vessel.


OCTOPUS yacht has two helipads, one at the stern with its own hangar and one at the bow. She has a total of seven tenders, one of which is 13 meters long and can almost be considered its own yacht.

OCTOPUS also has two submarines on board, one of which is remote controlled while the other can accommodate eight people.

The internal dock of the megayacht can be used to dry lay vessels of up to 20 metres for possible repairs.

The mega yacht also has a large pool on deck as well as a jacuzzi and a spacious beachclub. The onboard elevator system ensures that guests and crew can move quickly between the eight decks.

For the entertainment of the guests the yacht carries scuba diving equipment, jet skis and other water toys.


The former owner of the OCTOPUS yacht Paul Allen paid a price of US $200 million for the yacht in 2003 and she generates annual running costs between US $20 and 35 million.

OCTOPUS yacht owner

OCTOPUS was built for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who primarily used the megayacht for deep-sea exploration and research.

In 2015, Allen and the OCTOPUS found the wreck of the Japanese battleship, Musashi, at a depth of over 1000 meters in the Sibuyan Sea located close to the Philippines.

Furthermore, Allen’s yacht and crew helped recover the ship’s bell of a World War II battleship in the Denmark Strait between Greenland and Iceland in 2015. Sadly, Allen passed away in October 2018.

Following his death, the yacht was refurbished at Blohm+Voss in Hamburg, Germany and put up for sale for US $350 million. In 2021 OCTOPUS was sold to an anonymous buyer for an estimated sales price of US $200 to $250 million.

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