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ANDREW WINCH – The Inventive Luxury Designer

To say that Andrew Winch has imagined some of the most aesthetic, stylish, and efficient boats understates the beauty of his designs.

His career has elicited everything from amazement to envy from his clients and peers alike. In his unique style, Andrew Winch has redefined luxury for superyachts, private jets, and other exclusive vehicles.

Yacht Designer:Winch Designs Limited
Founder: Andrew Winch and Jane Winch
Founded: 1986
Headquarters: Netherlands
CEO: Aino-Leena Grapin
Employees: 102
Turnover: >42 million

Brief History

Andrew Winch is one of a few successful designers who were mentored by the legend, Jon Bannenberg. After six years of learning from the master designer, Winch decided to establish his studio.

Andrew Winch and his wife, Jane Winch, established Andrew Winch Designs in 1986. The company was renamed Winch Designs in 2o15.

The Secret Behind Winch Designs’ Success

Regardless of the economic and societal turmoil that the world experiences, Winch Designs always comes out on top. And the reason for this is quite simple: they have forward-thinking leaders.

The virtue of proactive efforts is shared by the founder (current creative director), Andrew Winch, the CEO, Aino-Leena Grapin, to the various departmental managers.

For instance, while other companies are trying to adapt to working remotely, employees at Winch Designs are already adept at virtual meetings and working from home and in various parts of the world.

Notable Launches

Winch Designs collaborated with Feadship to create the 62-m Sea Owl and the 99-m Madame Gu. They’ve also worked with Lurssen to launch the 85-m Ace and 41.14-m Phoenix 2.

In Summary

It’s clear to even the most casual observer that Winch Designs will not only continue to exist but also thrive for decades to come.

Its leaders’ daringly creative and prudent nature will ensure that Winch Designs remains on top of the yachting industry.

Designed by Winch

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