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PRINCE ABDULAZIZ Yacht – Stunning $100M Superyacht

One of the largest yachts built in the twentieth-century, the PRINCE ABDULAZIZ yacht is and has been an impressive build ever since it was first brought into the world in 1984.

In fact, this yacht was considered the world’s largest yacht until 2006.

Name:Prince Abdulaziz
Length:147 meters
Builder:Helsingor Vaerft
Designer:Maierform Maritime Technology GmbH
Interior Designer:David Hicks
Speed:22 knots
Volume:4,620 ton
Price:US $100 million
Annual Running Cost:US $5 – 10 million

PRINCE ABDULAZIZ yacht interior

The original interior of the PRINCE ABDULAZIZ yacht took fifteen months to complete, but she has since been refitted for a new interior in 2007.

The late English designer David Hicks is featured as a designer for the interior, whose style contained bold colors and lightning.

He also mixed traditional design with modern design. Her interior has lavish fabrics and regal-looking furniture and interior design details.

Mixing old-fashioned styles with the modern, her interior gives off a luxurious feeling.

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The PRINCE ABDULAZIZ yacht is 147 meters long (482 ft), and has a beam of 18,3 meters (60 ft).

The draft is 4,88 meters (16 ft), and the yacht can reach a maximum speed of 22 knots.

The cruising speed is 18 knots. She is powered by two Semt Pielstick diesel engines and is propelled by two 5,816 kW Pielstick diesel generator sets.

She has the capacity to keep up to 64 guests and a crew of 65 and was built in Denmark by the Helsingør Værft.


With a steel hull and teak deck, designer Maieform Maritime has created a luxurious exterior. There was also a refitting in 2005.

With her white and blue exterior, she gives off a regal look, to say the least. Her hull and superstructure are both made from steel, and the decks are teak.

She is rumored to have surface-to-air missiles and an underwater surveillance system, but it is not something that has been confirmed.

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