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Lazzarini’s Impressive 169m SOVRANO Superyacht Concept

The Sovrano is a luxurious 169-meter superyacht concept by Lazzarini with two helipads that can be converted into pools or lounges.

It has a garage that can fit two 15-meter tenders and six vehicles and a crane to the side that can easily transfer them to land or water.

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Photo by Lazzarini Design

There is also a transom with two cranes and a lifting platform to load vehicles. All in all, this stunning vessel offers its privileged guests the ultimate comfort and luxury.

Sovrano is a five-decked luxury yacht that provides guests with an abundance of space and amenities.

The yacht has 20 private suites, as well as cabins for a crew of 60. At the bottom of the three-story atrium, there is a large swimming pool and garden area.

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Photo by Lazzarini Design

The decks feature various pools, and the interior can be customized to fit the owner’s preferences.

The sides of the yacht can also be extended from 22 meters to 33 meters, giving guests more room to enjoy.

Sovrano is a state-of-the-art superyacht that combines the strength of steel with the lightness of carbon fiber composites.

Powering the superyacht is a fully electric propulsion system that runs on hydrogen, making it an eco-friendly option.

The yacht is estimated to cost €500,000,000 and take four years to complete and will be capable of reaching a top speed of 31 knots.

Photo by Lazzarini Design

The project could potentially start with the extension and enlargement of an existing 130-meter hull in Italy.

Ideal for a single private owner or a group of owners seeking the ultimate in luxury and privacy, Sovrano is the perfect way to travel the world in style.

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