DOMUS Trimaran 40 meter Zero-emission Yacht Concept

The DOMUS is an innovative concept design for a 40m zero-emission trimaran. The designers behind the trimaran are Van Geest and Rob Doyle, and the design duo amalgamated several innovative ideas to create the first yacht of 750 gross tons with zero carbon emissions.

The yacht combines superyacht luxury with an eco-friendly design, delivering a new direction for the yachting industry.

DOMUS yacht interior

Van Geest and Rob Doyle have combined their ideas to design the spacious interior of DOMUS. DOMUS means a single-story house built around an atrium with many rooms opening off the central atrium area.

The design is built around the idea of these traditional abodes, which originated from Rome and Pompeii.

The trimaran has used this concept to create an open, lofty feeling in the onboard area. The unique shape gives the yacht expansive real estate on board.

The interior of the DOMUS is a 783-square-meter deck split over two decks. There are six cabins on board, with four VIP cabins and two large owners suites with individual lounge areas.

The interior is a floating home on the water with cutting-edge designs and technology.

The spaces are laid out strategically to maximize the family feel of the trimaran and maintain a connection with the views. The interior includes a cinema room, gym, and a saloon with a bar. 


The idea that sparked the design of the DOMUS was “Why not?” The design duo believes that just because superyachts are the way right now, why couldn’t they be done in another way.

The yacht was an amalgamation of different ideas, with Doyle focussing on naval architecture, performance, and structural feasibilities. Van Gees developed the styling and the layouts for DOMUS. 

The vessel’s exterior is sleek and sophisticated and has been designed to bring the exterior of the ocean and views outside into the living spaces with large windows and a central open plan feel to the spaces inside.

The designers are working on a larger version of the 40m concept for a shipyard which could be the future of luxury yacht design.


The DOMUS will be the first 40m long zero-emission yacht of 750 gross tons. The unique vessel will be powered by solar power, hydro regeneration, and hydrogen fuel cell systems.

The exterior is lined with solar panels to achieve the zero-emissions goal for DOMUS. The result is a vessel with an unlimited range, high speeds, space, sustainability, and carbon-free, noiseless cruising.

The tri-hull of the trimaran offers several design benefits that the designers are firm believers in. The trimaran is designed to heel 2 degrees to allow the weather hull to come out of the water.

This concept reduces drag and increases performance. This means a high level of comfort onboard for the guests, especially compared to a sailing or motor monohull, which experiences high rolling angles.

Large trimarans are proven to be faster than catamarans of the same size, and this kind of high performance would be impossible to achieve in a superyacht catamaran.

The trimaran is significantly cheaper to construct than a catamaran because it needs only one system in the center hull instead of two.

The yacht is truly the amalgamation of luxury yacht design and eco-friendly sailing.


2022: the yacht concept is announced by designers.

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