Sailing Yacht A Blohm VOSS SV

Top 10 Biggest Sailing Yachts In The World

The top 10 largest sailing yachts in the world have a combined length of 944.5 meters.

These include the Sea Cloud, which is almost a century old, and the much anticipated Oceanco’s 127m Project Y721 set to launch in 2022.

Read on for our list of the world’s top 10 largest and biggest yachts.

1. Sailing Yacht A | 142.8m

Sailing Yacht A Blohm VOSS FV

Sailing Yacht A tops this list, measuring in at 142.8m. At 12,558GT, it is also the heaviest sailing yacht on our list, measuring 5 times more than the second-largest sailing yacht.

Sailing Yacht A, built by Nobiskrug in 2017, blends impressive sailing and motor yacht designs into a highly innovative vessel.

The boat features three 100m freestanding masts higher than London’s Big Ben, making her an eye-catching vessel. 

2. Sea Cloud | 109.5m

Sea Cloud has sailed the high seas since 1931. The 2532 GT vessel was built for Edward F Hutton and heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post by German shipbuilder Friedrich Krupp.

The 109.5m sailing yacht has interchanged ownership several times and was rebuilt in 1978 by new German owners. The vessel is available for charter to provide guests with a luxury sailing experience. 

3. Black Pearl | 106.7m

black pearl yacht

Black Pearl was designed to cross oceans with just the power of the sail. The vessel is 106m in length and is striking with her black sails, weighing in at 2,864 GT.

She was delivered in 2018 and built by Oceanco. The vessel features an advanced solar system. She also has a high-tech DynaRig setup by Dykstra Naval Architects.

4. EOS | 92.92m

EOS was built for American media and movie mogul Barry Diller under a shroud of secrecy. The three-masted Bermuda rigged schooner was launched by Lürssen Yachts in Germany in 2006 and refitted at Dutch Royal Huisman Shipyard in 2011.

Since her launch, she has remained one of the most private vessels in the world. EOS weighs in at 1500 GT.

5. Athena | 90m

Athena was delivered in 2004 by Royal Huisman Shipyard. The 1103 GT vessel is unique, with its advanced engineering and spacious interior that is uniquely sized for a sailing yacht.

She features naval architecture by Dykstra Naval Architects and Pieter Beeldsnijder Design. The 90m Athena was built for US software developer Jim Clark.

6. Maltese Falcon | 88m


The Maltese Falcon is one of the most photographed yachts of all time. The 88m yacht has an advanced automated square-rigged DynaRig and three rotating carbon fiber masts.

The 15 square sails hold 25,800 feet of canvas, giving her unprecedented performance, speed, and maneuverability. The yacht was built by renowned sailing yacht builder Perini Navi

7. Aquijo | 86m

 Aquijo is an 86m sailing yacht built by Vitters Shipyard and Oceanco and launched in 2016. She is the largest ketch-rigged sailing yacht in the world, with her main mast reaching 88.4m into the air.

She displaces 1538 GT. Her exterior design and naval architecture were designed by Tripp Design Naval Architects

8. Sea Eagle II | 81m

Sea Eagle II was delivered in 2020 from Royal Huisman. The impressive sailing yacht is the shipyard’s largest by volume, displacing 1150 GT.

The three-masted schooner has a carbon Panamax rigging by Rondal and was built in collaboration with designer Mark Whiteley and Dykstra Naval Architects. She is also the world’s largest aluminum sailing yacht.

9. M5 | 77.6m

M5 was launched as Mirabella V in 2004 and delivered to American yachtsman Joe Vittoria. M5 is still the largest sloop in the world to this day.

The impressive yacht was built by Vesper Thorneycroft in England and has undergone several refits. In 2013, she was refitted by Pendennis and extended by 3.2m. She was refitted again in 2019.

10. Badis I | 70m

Badis I was built by Perini Navi and delivered under the name Sybaris in 2016. Philipe Briand consulted with the famous shipbuilder on naval architecture.

PH Design contributed her wooden veneer interior, accommodating 12 guests. Badis I is one of the largest yachts Perini Navi has delivered from their Italian shipyard.

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