Reymond Langton

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Yacht Designer:Reymond Langton
Founder:Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton
CEO: Pascale Reymond
Turnover: >$13 Million

Reymond Langton

Even without the ability to precisely tell the future, it’s no surprise that the partnership between Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton yielded greatness. There are few founders as prepared as this duo.

Brief History

Although one could argue that formal training in design isn’t always necessary to succeed as a designer (people like Terence Disdale have done quite well without one), it does provide an edge that one cannot ignore.

Before Reymond would take on the highly competitive world of luxury yacht design, she had spent a few years gathering every necessary skill she would need to win. This included a master’s in art history and diplomas in 3D design and interior design.

Her business partner, Andrew Langton, had also studied transport design. But this is not all. Individually, they had spent more than 10 years working in the yacht design industry and snagging up invaluable experience.

Notable Launches

Reymond Langton Design has designed a vast number of impressive yachts—some being among the largest in the world. Serene, launched in 2010, measures a staggering 134 meters. They also designed the interior for the 73.51-m Mogambo, the 46.05-m Orchid, and the award-winning 40-m Apostrophe.

In Summary

It’s delightful, indeed, to watch the abundance of skill and knowledge brought to bear by Reymond and Langton manifest as sleek and efficient superyachts.

Designed By Reymond Langton

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